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Meet the Owner

I'm Amanda Sechler.  I am a mother to two beautiful boys (2 and 4), and I luckily work from home a majority of the time.  I am a member of the Credit Consultants Association and am a Board Certified Credit Consultant and Certified Credit Score Consultant.  I have also completed an intensive program with The Creditversity under Shonda Martin.  

I began my credit repair journey by working on my own credit with a do-it-yourself approach that I learned under Shonda.  My score improved drastically over a few months and a few rounds of challenge letters to the credit bureaus.  I then moved forward to helping friends and family with their credit scores.  I would discuss credit repair and credit rebuilding strategies with anyone and everyone who would listen.  It was suggested to me that since I am so passionate I should go into business helping to repair peoples credit.

A wonderful opportunity presented itself to me and I couldn't refuse.  I started taking classes as soon as I could and started helping people along he way.  I took the leap and started my own company in 2020 amongst the COVID-19 crisis.   

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